A super broad potpourri of things for you to hear (seriously... if at first you don't succeed, click and click again... I just don't recommend clicking from, for instance, "Mothers" straight into, say "Hop-py Dub-ble Chocolate Stout."). Here you'll find: recent film and theater composition, less recent theater composition (i.e. Behind Closed Doors: The Musical, circa 2011), arranging, production, original pop, and a panoply of random musical musings! All music, lyrics, arrangement, and production by me, unless otherwise noted below. Sidenote: possibly the first time I've ever used the word "panoply." And it will not be the last. So satisfying. Anyhow, I'm in the midst of a coupla musicals, a coupla pop EPs, a steady stream of tunes for Gregory Brothers / Schmoyoho, and dozens of odds and ends. ALSO a small issue of six additional songs from Behind Closed Doors! My microphones are prob going to unionize, go on strike, and demand more humane working conditions... which is weird, them not being, you know, human and whatnot. All that's to say, more things finding their way to this page almost weekly, so keep checking back!

Track Listing:

  1. Narwhal and Ocelot (Spark and Echo Project commission, 2016)
  2. Lie to Me (pop demo in progress, co-written w / Emma Fitzpatrick, produced by me)
  3. Anna Leigh (ditto; co-written w / myself circa 2010, produced by me)
  4. Love Walked In (co-produced; written by Nicholas Zork, Selena Garcia, and um, Gershwin)
  5. Hop-py Dub-ble Chocolate Stout (electronic nonsense I occasionally enjoy making)
  6. Sometimes I Turn Knobs and Bob My Head (ditto)
  7. Astral Particulate (ditto)
  8. Stock Beat 1 (yup)
  9. Hurricane (demo, co-written w/ Nicholas Zork and Aidan Carroll, produced by me)
  10. Whilst Sometimes I Just Turn Knobs (more electro sizzle)
  11. Trigger (demo, co-written w/ Amanda Wallace, produced by me)
  12. Midtown Antoinette Triptych (co-written with Lorelei Zarifian, produced by me)
  13. Understand (co-written / co-produced with Emma Fitzpatrick)
  14. Falling Keeps Us Together (co-written / co-produced with Emma Fitzpatrick)
  15. Crazy in Love (co-written / co-produced with Emma Fitzpatrick)
  16. Mountaintop (original score for "Companion")
  17. Dappled (original score for "Companion")
  18. Thinking Backwards 2 (original score for "Companion")
  19. Opening (original score for "Companion")
  20. Thinking Backwards 4 (original score for "Companion")
  21. Is That Bad? (Behind Closed Doors: The Musical)
  22. Love's the Only Thing (Behind Closed Doors: The Musical)
  23. The Devil's Music (Behind Closed Doors: The Musical)
  24. Mothers (forthcoming musical)
  25. Lyrical Dance (forthcoming musical)
  26. Opening Song (forthcoming musical)
  27. Pokey (forthcoming musical)
  28. Brushy Brushy (forthcoming musical)
  29. Wacka Wacka (forthcoming musical)
  30. Stock Beats #1-infiniti (more random electro schtuffs)
  31. Where You Are (rando pop tune by me)
  32. Chocolate Rain (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  33. Circle of Life (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  34. Close (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  35. Summertime Sadness (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  36. Space is Cool (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers/ Markiplier)
  37. Friday (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  38. Pillow Talk (arranged and produced for Gregory Brothers)
  39. Selections from "Heart" (short film, 2013)
  40. Selections from "Until We Have Faces" (feature film, 2013)
  41. Selections from "All the Lovely Wayside Things" (short film, 2012)
  42. Parade (forthcoming musical)
  43. Hurry (forthcoming musical)