A super broad potpourri of things for you to hear (seriously... if at first you don't succeed, click and click again... I just wouldn't recommend clicking from, for instance, "Mothers" straight into, say "Thought It Was an Earthaquake - Bassnectar Remix."). Here you'll find: recent film and theater composition, less recent theater composition (i.e. Behind Closed Doors: The Musical, circa 2011), arranging, production, original pop, and a panoply of random musical musings in assorted states of mix-ed-ness and polished-ity! All music, lyrics, arrangement, and production by me, unless otherwise noted. Sidenote: possibly the first time I've ever used the word "panoply." And it will not be the last. So satisfying. Anyhow, I'm in the midst of a coupla musicals, a coupla pop EPs, a steady stream of tunes for Gregory Brothers / Schmoyoho, and dozens of odds and ends. ALSO a small issue of six additional songs from Behind Closed Doors! My microphones are prob going to unionize, go on strike, and demand more humane working conditions... which is weird, them not being, you know, human and whatnot. All that's to say, more things finding their way to this page almost weekly, so keep checking back!